Pixels on Old Masters

The digital medium affects the object of representation, modifies its content and creates new visual semantics. In this context, the series “Pixels on Old Masters” is a play on perception where images of classical works are translated and eventually altered digitally, the computer being an equalizer – an efficiency oriented mechanism and medium of perception where all inputs are nothing more than pure data. The result is abstract, dynamic and unexpected.

Malatesta escaping the frame. An attempt
Elisabeth of Austria
Innocent X
Polittico della Misericordia
Annunciazione (Piero della Francesca)
Annunciazione (Simone Martini)


Seascapes is a series of synthetic marine landscapes. Whereas Hiroshi Sugimoto’s seascape photography shows the real sea and the real sky becoming a linear abstraction and Gerhard Richter’s realistic photo paintings exude a mild mist which romanticizes both sea and sky, here we’re looking at a clean, standard rendering of a seascape. The sea is almost flat, the clouds roam above in a low light, at dusk or at dawn. The hyperrealism is an aim, as everything is a setup, a 3D modelled mass of vertices under a cold software sky.

Seascape no. 1
Seascape no. 2
Seascape no. 3
Seascape no. 4
Seascape no. 5
Seascape no. 6
Seascape no. 7

Tri-colour experiments

The landscape photography series attempts to suggest the movements of nature (wind,
waves, clouds passing, light changes) by storing sequences of the same view on different
colour channels. The result is an eerie digital phantom of a movement lacking in a
frame and manifesting in another, aiming to add a digital layer of information on a standard
landscape photography.